Sunday, July 18, 2010

I will be right back with the blog

be rite back


I love the madhatter. You and Dallas seem really close friends since shes on your presentation and since your both unique and different. Once when you were running for CG, I voted you 10 imes on my 10 accounts, but sadly you didn't win. Maybe you could try running again, but stay being the MadHatter. People love you as much as I love you.


Your medolls are really amazing. I remember when you owned the other FC. And it went smoothly. I haven't seen you in FC for a while. And we never really talk in chat. Only 2 times once when I said hi and when you said you had a sale.


You are very active. You have 5000 starpoints already and you made that account like last year. Your medolls are amazing with the starpoint hair and you make lots of topics in FC. You remind me of TAILS06, alot. Anyway I love your user. pink0rock sounds like your pink the rockstar.


I love your medoll. That hat you made is really unique. Your as unique as Dallas. Your really active and friendly. I never talked to you on chat before, and I really want to be your friend. You post on mostly every topic and you post on mine alot too. I also like those highlights in your hair. Keep it up!


Mostly all of your topics make me laugh. Your really funny and active. Like on July 17th, you made a topic saying you were in the mood to annoy someone because you were bored. You tried to make everyone forget about the Hate blog by flooding FC with your topics. Your really caring and amazing.


When I first met you, I fell in love with your medoll. Even though your not a superstar, you still go on everyday. Your a active FC'er and a great story writer. I have always wanted to be your friend, but we never really talked. I love your presentation, too.